Crashlands v1.3.15 Cracked APK (Paid) Download [Latest] Version

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Crashlands v1.3.15 Cracked APK Play as Flux Dabes, a galactic delivery truck driver whose latest shipment gets interrupted by a megalomaniacal alien named “Hewgodooko” who tears her ship to pieces looking for useful tech. Crashlanded on Woanope, you must fight, tame, craft, quest, boss fights, and adventure your way to domination of all the things so that you and JuiceBox, your trusty sidekick/supervisor/robotic cargo palette, can send a message to the Bureau of Shipping and get those packages delivered!

Crashlands v1.3.15 Cracked APK (Paid) Download [Latest] Version

Recommended Hardware & OS:

? Android 4.1 or newer
? At least 1GB RAM
? At least 960x540px screen resolution

Whats new

The COMBOver Patch features an overhaul of combat with 36 new weapons and a brand new COMBO system, plus new unlockables like the Hardcore game mode in which you can only die once, the Creative mode for those who like building magnificent bases or turning their maps into pixel art, and new achievements!


  • So, Crashlands is a crafting game with no inventory, a delightful build mode, an epic story, tameable pets, and a glorious combat system.
  • IS THAT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!? Then cram some other features down your pie hole!
  • Make your own campaigns! We’re building a BscotchID-powered modding tool that lets you create your own stories, use mutators to change the core mechanics of the game, and generally take what we’ve made and done horrible, wonderful things to it.
  • The Creator already works, but will need some more testing before it goes public; we’ll make it part of the first post-launch content patch.
  • Platform agnosticism! Crashlands is just as fun on the desktop as on mobile, and with the power of BscotchID, you can move your saves between all your devices.

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